SEW in the News

Search Engine Watch has received many awards, distinctions and good reviews from a wide variety of publications and web sites, including:

  • Financial Times
  • InfoWorld
  • Inc Magazine
  • Los Angeles Times
  • PC Magazine
  • USA Today
  • Washington Post

Please see below for links for a sampling of prominent reviews and awards.

Pcmag398 PC Magazine Top 100 Web Site
Four Time Winner”
March 2003
March 1998
November 1997
August 1997

The Pandia Awards 2002
Best Site On Searching & Best Site On Search Engine Marketing.

Scout Report Selection
Aug. 4, 2000 “Featured Top Site”
Nov. 1999

Lockergnome Selection
Oct. 10, 1998

USA Today
May 8, 1998

“Ever wonder how Internet search engines index sites? Or how different search engines operate? You’ll find that and even some trivia factoids at Search Engine Watch. Check out the tutorials and you may shave off some precious time when you are trying to track down online info.”

Nov. 3, 1997

“If you deal with Web sites in your company — and what company isn’t designing Web sites of some kind these days? — you may want to know how people are finding your site. Even if you don’t maintain a Web site, you may want to know some tricks for finding sites you’re interested in. In both cases, you would benefit by reading Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch site. This server is packed with information on making your Web site as visible as possible to the world, and locating obscure Web sites.”

ZDNet AnchorDesk
Oct. 29, 1997

“To help you keep up with this fast-paced field, I’ve linked you to two great information sources: Web SearchUser from ZDNet and Search Engine Watch. Both places keep constant tabs on the [search engine] field, and also include instructions, advice and tutorials.”

Los Angeles Times
June 23, 1997

“Yahoo got you down? Not sure just how exciting Excite is? Alta what? Search Engine Watch has everything you ever wanted to know about Internet search engines (and probably more). There’s news, trivia, history and tips for your favorite search engines.”

Washington Post
July 22, 1996

“For news and comparisons of major search engines, see the Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines. And you can find out there how to code your own pages so they’ll come up at the top of a list when the robot calls.”